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The Mobile Premier League is one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms in India. It has a variety of popular games that can be played on both iOS and Android smartphones. Simply said, the MPL App allows you to browse and play different games all in one place. As a result, there's no need to download and install specific games on your smartphone.

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Use MPL App | Mobile Premier League

Use the MPL app, in order to get your childhood experiences with classic games like Bloxmash, Carrom, Chess, and more. Play with people around the world, and win real cash by earning as many tokens as possible. You can invite the friend through your referral code. Spend tokens and earn and also have the 'withdraw' facility.

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Plan, win real cash and chat with players

MPL - Mobile Premier League can be considered the biggest online gaming platform in India. Invite friends to join with users' referral code so that you can spend tokens and earn and withdraw winnings with Paytm wallet.

The MPL app, unlike similar apps like Samsung Game Launcher, PlayStation App, and QooApp, allows you to win real cash. This mobile gaming platform should be tried if you want to access a variety of popular titles from a single interface. The first step is to open the MPL Wallet.

Which games are supported?

As previously indicated, MPL provides access to a variety of mobile games, including Rummy, Chess, Fantasy Sports, Quiz, Rogue Heist, 8 Ball 3D Pool, Poker, Carrom, Fruit Chop, Runner No. 1, and others. In fact, the app allows you to browse through over 60 games on your Android device. The interface is divided into many genres, like action, sports, adventure, fantasy sports, and so on.

Whether you're looking for simple games to pass the time or a challenge as a dedicated gaming lover, MPL won't let you down because it has it all.

If you wish to play a game with other people, you can select Poker, 8 Ball 3 D Pool, or Chess, for example. Fruit Chop and Bubble Shooter are wonderful choices if you want to play a game by yourself. With MPL download, you'll never run out of possibilities.

MPL also includes arcade gaming, ensuring that gamers have an engaged and entertaining experience.

Your goal should be to climb to the top of the leaderboards while playing games on MPL.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Here is a definition for people who are unfamiliar with Fantasy Sports. Fantasy sports is a type of game in which numerous people compete against each other online. These gamers construct a fictitious team by selecting players for the team based on their real-life performance, and the formed team earns a total of points. The player whose squad scores the most number of points wins.

Download the MPL gaming app so that you can play games even play fantasy cricket via MPL!

MPL mod apk is popular among those who enjoy sports and enjoy playing games. The MPL is sponsored by none other than sports legend Virat Kohli. Yes, you read that correctly. MPL is one of the well-known online gaming and Fantasy Sports software. There are many amazing features of the MPL app online.

Things that make MPL apk files special

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  • You can play 60+ Games
  • There are over 60 games in the MPL Pro app that are the greatest of the most popular games from around the world.

  • Make your way to the top of the scoreboard.
  • To climb to the top of the leaderboard, you must outperform everyone else.

  • Earn money by playing games
  • The best part about MPL mod apk is that you may earn money by playing games on MPL Pro APK download, which is a great feature and one of the reasons for its popularity.

  • Play Fantasy Sports
  • Many fantasy contests are already live in the MPL app for Android, and you can join the team after establishing your squad according to the regulations. If you win, you will earn the prize money specified in the contest.

  • Host a Fantasy contest
  • Many people utilize this if they simply want to play with their friends. They organize fantasy contests and invite their friends to participate.

  • Use the money to purchase discount vouchers
  • The money gained via the MPL app can be used to purchase the 'MPL game download apk' discount vouchers.

  • Chat with strangers
  • On the MPL Pro app, you can talk to strangers. You can even keep up with them. You may establish various chat groups with your friends and ask them to play the MPL app with you, which is a lot of fun.

  • Refer & Earn
  • You can refer your friends to install the MPL app, and if they do, you will receive Rs 75 Bonus Cash from the MPL Pro APK download. The best part of the MPL app is that you can refer an infinite number of individuals, and you can win up to Rs 2000 more money if you come in first place on the weekly leaderboard for the most number of referrals.

  • Spin the wheel & Earn Money
  • If you come to the MPL app every day for seven days in a row, MPL will offer you money. You have the opportunity to spin the wheel and earn up to Rs 1000. Spend tokens and earn!

Download MPL Pro APK

What all games are available on MPL Pro APK download?

MPL Pro mod apk includes gamings from a range of genres:

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • MPL Sports
  • Puzzle
  • Card Shooting
  • Puzzles are some of them.

How to win cash with MPL?

The nicest part about playing mobile games on MPL is the chance of winning real cash. Tokens can be used to earn! You may also earn a lot of money by participating in huge battles and tournaments. All earnings can be transferred to a bank account with ease. You can also use UPI or PayTM to send the money. When you refer a friend to the platform, you'll get a referral bonus.

Does MPL support messaging?

MPL allows you to talk with other players in addition to offering a large selection of games and the ability to earn real cash. The software includes a built-in messaging feature that allows you to communicate with users all around the world.

There's no excuse to skip this download and become a part of a growing mobile gaming community when there are so many benefits on offer.

An ideal choice to play your favorite games | Mobile Premier League

MPL - Mobile Premier League - is an amazing choice if you're seeking a unique and exciting mobile gaming experience on your Android device.

Unlike other apps, this one lets you play a variety of mobile games without having to download or install anything. This saves space on the device and does not cause the system to slow down. Furthermore, the gaming platform pays you in real cash.

Additionally, the messaging tool allows you to communicate with gamers from all over the world, providing you the opportunity to make new friends. This (free) mobile gaming platform is a must-have for making new friends and spending time exploring popular games.

MPL Pro APK Download

The MPL Pro App was initially accessible on the Google Play Store. However, for some reason, they removed the MPL APK download Galactus Funware from the Google Play Store. As a result, MPL Pro is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

Steps To Download Latest MPL Pro APK App For Android Free?

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  1. First and foremost, get the MPL Pro Apk App.
  2. It will ask for the user's mobile number once it has been installed. You will receive an OTP on the same registered number if you enter your phone number.
  3. Hurray! You've entered your OTP! The app is now available for usage.
  4. E.G. User MPL Pro Referral Code: N6SI3CBT

  5. Once the app is installed, you will be rewarded with 20 MPL Pro App Tokens and Rs.25 Paytm Cash. These tokens can be used to play games you like. There is also the opportunity to watch videos and share them in order to earn more. Use the wallet to earn or spend tokens for winning.
  6. Tokens from MPL apps allow you to have more games and earn more cash for free, as well as receive a bonus.


For PC, the MPL Pro App is not accessible. You can, however, use the MPL App on your PC. With an emulator, you may install any Android app on your PC.

The most popular emulator for running an Android app on a computer is Bluestacks.

Install MPL Pro on your computer. Now, go to the above URL and download the MPL Pro APK. You can use Bluestack software to import the MPL Pro APK. On your PC, you can use MPL (India's largest MPL Mobile app for gaming).


MPL Pro is a fantastic program that allows you to show off your cricket talents and earn real cash. On the MPL Pro platform, you may make money by playing games such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, Fruit dart, and more. We've covered practically every aspect of the Mobile Super League (MPL) Pro.

Download MPL Pro (latest version); India's largest MPL Mobile Gaming app for free and money! Users can enjoy it as a lucky bank account.

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