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Let's get to know about Ludo king game / cross platform multiplayer game

Ludo King apk can be considered as a classic board game that is played between friends and family. Ludo king game is a cross platform multiplayer game which supports desktop, android, iOS and windows platforms. Offline mode is also supported in Ludo king apk in which the players can play using the computer or local multiplayer.

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Some consider this Ludo king dice game as the modern version of the royal game of Parchisi ( a Ludo games that was played between Indian kings and queens in ancient era) which was played by rolling the dice , moving the tokens to reach the center of the Ludo board, beating the other players and becoming the Ludo king. Now apk Ludo king has become a friends and family game.

Ludo is perfect time pass game which belong to the Ludo board game. As you played Ludo in your childhood , now you can play Ludo in your phone or tablet.

Ludo is been called by different names in different countries as in Fia , Le Jeu de Dada(the game of dada), Non t'arrabbiare, Fia med knuff (fia with push) and etc. The classic look makes this look like a royal game with compared to other gameboard variations.

Ludo King APK
February 02, 2024
115.6 MB
Gametion Global Technology Limited
Requires Android 6 or later

Features of Ludo king

ludo king apk download
  • Easy to play
  • Ludo king is the modern comeback for the traditional and classic board game played in ancient days. What you need to do is to roll the dice in your game and earn plenty of rewards. The most popular Ludo game organizes a league every few days and it will give you an opportunity to earn coins, gems and many other rewards.

  • Simple interface
  • Among other popular board games apps like Words with friends, and mini metro Ludo king processes the most clean interface. You should simply tap on the token that you need to move and you should plan a strategy to bypass other players to reach home. the player who takes the four tokens home first wins the apk Ludo king game.

    An option to switch between Ludo and snakes and ladders is available in the home screen. the game play for both the games are simple and automatic. If you don't have a move then the computer will automatically move the token.

  • Multiple modes of game play
  • Not like other board game, Ludo king app enables you to play with people from all around the world. integrating through Facebook friends you will be able to download Ludo app and as the android game is based on an auto move service, cheat codes are not available in Ludo king. Different modes as in Vs computer, local and online multiplayer modes are available in king Ludo.

    The Vs computer game mode will let you play a two or four player game against the computer. Since this mode in the Ludo king is an offline mode you can play it in your android or iOS device even without internet connection. The computer will not cheat but will match your playing style.

    The local multiplayer mode will let you play against two or four friends on the same device but you will have to pass the device from one player to another after each turn of the game.

    The online multiplayer mode is the most popular gaming mode among the online players where an internet connection required in your android device. It allows you to connect with an online connection and let you play with different people from all around the world. The game is being played in real time during this mode.

    The play with friends mode will enable you to create a private game room in which up tp four people can play the game. You have to send an invitation through Facebook or WhatsApp in order to let your friends join the private room in this play with friends mode.

  • Chat with friends
  • Ludo king also allows you to chat with friends and challenger world players all around the world and also lets you to add six players to get on board.

  • Includes Snake and ladder game
  • The latest version of the app also includes a version of snakes and ladders on the home screen. Similar to the traditional board games the app version of this requires you to move the token from 1 to 100. while playing you can advance using the ladder but you have to jump over the snakes which will push you down if you playing on the board . So the ladders play the role of shortcuts while snakes act as the medium to keep you playing.

    The snakes and ladder version is free for you to play and you also have the chance to buy extra dice rolls to advance fast. As this is an in app purchase it could be quite expensive.


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New themes available in Ludo king

  • Nature theme
  • Egypt theme
  • Disco/ night mode theme
  • Pinball theme
  • Candy theme
  • Christmas theme
  • Penguin theme
  • Battle theme
  • Diwali theme

What's new in the new update in Ludo king

ludo king apk new update
  • Availability of voice chats
  • New live themes
  • Ability to real chat with friends
  • Make buddies worldwide
  • Ability to challenge Facebook friends
  • Save / load Ludo option
  • More user friendly UI
  • Support extended to low end devices

Ludo King APK for Android 14 [Latest Version]

Elevate your Ludo King experience on the brand-new Android 14! The latest Ludo King APK is fully optimized for the newest Android OS, offering seamless gameplay and enhanced features that promise to keep you and your friends hooked for hours. It's a breeze to download and install, ensuring everyone, regardless of tech-savviness, can join in the fun.

Ludo King APK for Android 13 [Previous Version]

Get ready to dive into the timeless classic board game with the latest Ludo King APK, optimized for Android 13! This fun-filled app brings you the joy of playing Ludo with friends and family right at your fingertips. With smooth performance and enhanced features, the updated version promises a seamless gaming experience. Whether at home or on the go, Ludo King's colourful interface and engaging gameplay are perfect for players of all ages.

Pros of Ludo king

  1. Clean and simple interface
  2. Instant private chat feature
  3. Includes snake and ladder
  4. Multiple gaming Modes

Cons of Ludo king

  1. Heats up the device
  2. In app purchase can be expensive

So if you were a board games fan , then Ludo King for android will be the best option for android users and iOS users. With all the features Ludo game download is the best solution to fend off boredom with or without . So play Ludo king and I'm sure that it will become your favorite game.

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